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تقول اهواك انا مانساك You say I love you I will not forget you - A song with a little scandal story

This song is an interesting song from the 80s, from Jordan. It was a very popular song during the mid/late eighties. Check out the headbands and women's hairdos.The music also reminds me of Cindy Lauper, early Madonna stuff, David Bowe, you know, pop music of the 80s, notice the base, the synth... so 80s . I loved this song , especially the part where she is walking with a bunch of her girlfriends friends wearing Bedouin clothes and 80s headbands and tights, so funny...

The band that sings this song is a Jordanian band called Mirage, was called Mirage, they  stopped singing unfortunately. They were a talented couple, a man and a woman , who are married. They got into a really bad scandal though, After which I heard they immigrated to Canada and left Jordan. So, this poor couple, who are married, it seems they enjoyed taping themselves having sex and watching themselves later, uhumm, so one day a thief came and stole their house and included in the stuff that was stolen was their VCR with guess whic tape in it?? Yes, you guessed right. Next the tape was all over the black market and with every pimple-faced teenager in Jordan and many arab countries ... the poor couple were shamed and destroyed. They had to run away to the land of the west..They say they immigrated to Canada.. masakeen..

Now isnt this is story?

I wonder what they are doing now.. I wonder if they are alive .. I hope they are .. I hope they are alive and making some very cool music ..
Cheers to Suheir and I forgot the name of her husband Sha-sha-a  (sha3sha3a)  سهير شعشاعة / فرقة الميراج الأردنية
Here are the lyrics translated by your truly for your pleasure.

تقول اهواك
 You say I love you
انا مانساك
 I will not forget you
وتروح وما نرجع
and you leave and never come back?
تقول انتي القمر
 you say you are (like) the moon
بليل السهر
 In the long night
مثل السحر فلّيت
 like magic you went away
وليلي طويل
 and my night is long
اسأل نجوم الليل
 I ask the stars of the night
ما تيجيب
 They dont answer
صمت الحجر قاسي
 silence of the stone is cruel
واقول اخطيت
 I say I did wrong
يمكن أكون اخطيت
maybe i did wrong
 or I forgot
وقليبي مش ناسي
but my heart is not forgetting
تقول اهواك انا مانساك
 you say I love you I will never for get you
وتروح وما ترجع
and you leave and never come back

يركض بينا العمر
 Time runs fast
شاب الشعر
 my hair is getting grey
بتمنى طلتك
 I wish for you show up
وابعث مرسال ورا مرسال
 I send to you
time after time
مادري تقول حسيت
 I wonder if you feel me
تقولي كلام
 you tell me words
احلى من الاحلام
that are sweeter than dreams
 and more beautiful
ويضيع معانيه
 and then all the meanings are lost
تغيب سنين
you disappear for years!
وسنين تغيب  وما تسأل
 and years you disappear
and you never ask
والعشق لمّا زال
 but in love , I still am
 being away from you
يا عمري طال
 has gone for too long
my precious
وصعب الحال
 My situation is hard
ما يهدا البال
my mind never eases
تقول اهواك
 you say I love you
انا مانساك
 I will never forget you
وتروح وما نرجع
 and you leave and you never come back?

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