Saturday, October 24, 2009

غيرة / فيروز

من روائع ونوادر السيدة فيروز


سْمِعِتْ الجيران بيقولوا ..
She heard the neighbours say
يمكن يكون عم يضحَكْ عليها
that he may be fooling her
وعينَكْ تشوف ..الليل بيطولو
you can see after that
the whole night
ما نشفت الدمعة .. بعينيها
the tears didnt dry
from hear eyes
بعدها بعمر الهوى زغيري
she is still very young in the age of love
وقلبها بالحبّ طفل زغير
and her heart is a little baby
مش عارفي في بالدّني غيرة
she doesnt know that in this world
there is jealousy
وحست بصدرا شي
وعم بيطير
and she felt something in her chest
that is flying
جربت تغفى عا دمعاتا ..
she tried to fall asleep with her tears
لا غفيت و لا عرفت الأحلام
she neither slept nor encountered the dreams
واتذكرِتْ حكيات رفقاتا ..
and she remembered her girlfriends
إنّو اللّي بيحبْ ... ما بينام !
saying that 'he who loves, doesnt sleep'
يا ريت فيها تحملَك وتروح
She wishes she can carry you and leave
عابلاد ما تقشَعْ حدا فيها
to a land where you can see no one 
وهَوْنِيْكْ شو بدّا بإشيا تبوح
and there , she has so many secrets she wants to reveal to you
وشو عندها حكايات تحكيها
and so many stories to tell
بدّا تقلَكْ : هّوْنْ خلّيني
she wants to tell you
leave me here
عايشي عالحبّ والألحان
living on love
and music
وحدّ قلبك هَيْكْ خبّيني
right next to your heart hide me
ويخبروا بنيّات هالجيران
and let the neighborhood girls talk all they want ...

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