Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Empathy for Blending of Emotions: Discord, Resolve & Celebration. Lubzi's muic is featured on DocrRmy's #musicweeklycelebtation

This post in copied entirely from Dj DocRemy - it was posted on Saturday, October 3, 2009 , the weekend that she featured my music :) !

I am super thankful to Dj DocRemy for her great show and for featuring my Audio Art track : October 22.  Here is a link to Dj DocRemy's original post where you can check other very cool music and listen to October 22.
here is the Original October 22 piece uncut :

Oct 22 - Lubzi*

Here is what Dj DocRemy  said on her blog:   
"DjDrRemy - @Lubzi: Empathy for Blending on Discord-Resolve-and-Celebration by DjDocREMY

This #WeeklyMusicCelebration set is featuring our talented friend @Lubzi. I specifically name it: Empathy for Blending of Emotions: Discord, Resolve & Celebration. And the following is what @Lubzi explains about her music: 

“The track name is “Oct22”. In fact it is about September 11. I called it October 22 because in those days (2002) Arabs living in the west couldn’t even discuss 9/11 without receiving at least accusing looks. So I was being ironic on the terrorizing of Arab immigrants in the name of fighting terrorism. 
In the beginning, things are moving in a steady pace somewhat peaceful and then all of sudden the world blows up and all the crazy events that happened afterward were too overwhelming and surreal: that is how 911 went and what I am expressing in the track.I did not have specific goal in mind: Only let my emotions take the helm as I had a load of hard to handle feelings about 9/11 and I needed to wear my heart over my sleeve.My hope is that people would feel some of my feelings….” 

As for me, I picked this track of Lubzi’s (out of the 5 tracks she sent me) as somehow I resonate with the tune though I had no idea what the tune means – not until she tweeted me with the explanation.

On this set, I have added how I feel for her music as you may catch it at ~2:24 mins. then her track resumes at ~3.49 mins. I remix “Daft Punk” songs for two reasons: 
1) It is entirely electronic sound – This is to emphasize how technological science of music program allows us to produce music. 
2) It resonates how our humanity become stronger as a human race, faster in technology and outreach of communications which allows us to share and have more empathy as we try harder by the closing song which is a celebration to our spirit of Being - as One."

So Say We All ....

So Say We All ....

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