Friday, April 3, 2009

Journal of a Hymen - Part 2

Virginity in my brain
Virginity between my legs
Hymen encapsulating my thoughts
Mixed with fear
Mixed with guilt
Mixed with sexual frustration
Repressed emotions
Suppressed fantasies
Condemned dreams
That fucking Hymen
I hate it but keep it
I am not retarded
I am scared
I am not a sharmouta (a slut)
I wish I were
I am a virgin
I freeze when you touch me
I become an ice pole
Every muscle spasms
I am a big spasm
Spasm virgin
I wish I were Swedish
Enjoying my sexual freedom
I hate my parents for the hymen
I hate god for the hymen
I hate me for the hymen
Hymen between my legs
Hymen strangling my mind

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