Thursday, August 19, 2010

التوبة-جرش_ماجدة الرومي

i am one of the audience :)

  • Thank you for the clip! I wish you could post the whole thing from the beginning. I think this is the best version of the song! She sings it really well here. I think its in Jerash right?
  • أيوة الحفل ده من مهرجان جرش في الثمانينات و لكني للأسف ليس عندي باقي الحفل فهو منقول عن أخت تونسية و لو نظرتي ل
    more info
    ستجدي التفاصيل

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  • Thanks! Even if its a short clip, its very nice:)
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  • Halim songs was made for him and his voice cabablities...there is no comparison..she just can't get a fraction of halim's voice..he is the original!
  • يرحم ايام زمان
  • الله على صوووتها وجماااالها.. تسلملي ماجدة :)

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