Tuesday, February 2, 2010

الرفق بالحيوان being gentle to animals

لسة بتذكر هاي القصيدة من صف التالت او رابع ابتدا؟ي
I still remember this poem from 3rd or 4th grade
الحيوان خلق
The animal is a creature
له عليك حق
you owe it it's rights
ان كلّ دعه يسترح
If it is tired let it rest
وداوه اذا جرح
And medicate it if it is woonded
ولا يجع في داركا
And it should never feel hungry in your home
او يظما في جواركا
Or thirsty when it is close to you
بهيمة مسكين
A poor animal
يشكو فلا يبين
It suffers without showing it
لسانه مقطوع
Its tongue is cut ( has no language)
وما له دموع
And it has no tears...

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