Wednesday, March 12, 2008

some music for you

Here is one of my mixes

Rush the floor wit...

اللؤلؤ المنثور ... في فمك الجميل
فيه السعادة للشقي .. وللعليل
فاذا تفتحت الشفاه ثوانيا نورّت دنيانا وأحييت القتيل

The scattered you beautiful mouth
brings happiness to the miserable , and the sick
if your lips opened for seconds our life lights up and the dead are revived..

The name of the artist singing in Arabic is Sabah fakhri from Alleppo, Syria. Then I am using a really old poem i think it is by امرؤ القيس... not too sure anymore. i am starting to forget these things you know.
the poet talks about his lover , how graceful is the way she walk, how loved by her friends and neighbours how she keeps their secrets, how when she stands up the fragrance of tulips and roses spreads all over the place...
bla bla bla , love and crap

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