Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Subconscious mind

My subconscious has a mind of its own.
So there is the conscious , subconscious and the higher conscious .
the subconscious is the dream world, the conscious is everyday waking up awareness and the higher conscious is now another story. I wont even get into that , I would o on and on, maybe another time. Currently I am watching The Batman, very interesting, it plays a lot with the idea of mind power and subconscious, so for example, one of the episodes of the animated series, The Joker kidnaps Yen the detective - who is a friend of The Batman , He ties her up to a toy that would explode in a certain amount of time. The Batman needs to find out soon enough Where Detective Yin is kept before she is blown into pieces.
After a long exciting chase, Joker is caught, but he is refusing to speak. He has a strong will and a strong mind and wont give in to The Bat. So Batman tapes into the Joker's brain wave lengths and goes into the Joke's head, there a very interesting battle happens, the battle of the minds... Batman almost goes crazy, Joker fucks so bad with the Batman's brain, so what does our hero do?? he drags the Joker into his own mind, that is , Batman drags the Joker into Batman's head. There the Bat really fucks with Joker's mind, he totally drives him crazy and finds out where the captured detective is, he saves her life at the last second.
Yesterday I saw another episode about this enlightened man with a corrupt soul, he is after a special Gem, he has strong mind powers, the way he fights is by controlling people's minds, he controls first the butler's minds so they go and steel valuables from the homes hey work in and deliver it to him, he even hypnotizes Bruce Wane's butler , who steels from his master and even fights with the Batman. When the Mind Master meets the Bat a mind fight takes place. The mind master creates all kinds of illusions in the Batman's mind. The Batman keeps on saying to himself : " a strong mind sees only its own reality". and eventually is able to defeat the Mind Master and scare the shit out of him by the reality he created for him.
Quite profound , I think, no??

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